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Classical Ballet is where J.L.D first made it’s mark, and it continues to be at the centre of our school’s timetable. Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance grades and major syllabi, and our studios are a centre for examinations for both the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D). We offer:

3-4yr olds Polar Bears & 4-5yr olds Butterflies
All three classes encourage movement, rhythm, imagination and above all enjoyment in music and dance.

6yrs+ R.A.D Ballet Grades
From 6yrs onwards, we work towards the R.A.D graded examinations. Primary in Dance, Grade 1- Grade 6. We have examination sessions twice yearly held at our own studios.

R.A.D Vocational Graded Examinations
These vocational Ballet classes we run twice weekly are: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Foundation and often run alongside the upper grade classes. Students will take these examinations in the R.A.D London Centre as and when they reach the required standard. We select students for these classes as the examinations are professional qualifications that can lead to a career in dance. Please check the timetable and contact us with any queries.


We use the I.S.T.D examinations board for our modern and tap work and our teachers are I.S.T.D qualified. Street jazz is a free class, which follows current trends in commercial dance and encourages creativity, dynamics and quick thinking.

Junior Street Jazz 6yrs-11yrs

This class is one main element that makes up Glee Club on a Saturday morning. A class where the children learn to dance and perform together following current themes and trends, an opportunity for them to be creative and think for themselves. This is coupled with a musical theatre section including drama and singing. See Musical Theatre.

Street Jazz Blue & Red ages 11yrs +

Two fast paced classes where we explore upcoming dance trends and techniques. Street Jazz Blue is generally for 11yrs-14yrs or for the less experienced and Street Jazz Red is for 14yrs+ or for students who are advanced.

6yrs Primary Modern & Tap

A fun class to get a feel for the Modern and Tap styles. Students will explore rhythm, musicality and limbering with exercises from the Primary syllabi.

7yrs + Modern & Tap Grades

These grade classes are geared towards I.S.T.D examinations. We offer grade classes from Grade 1-Intermediate. From grade 6 upwards our examinations are now UCAS recognized, our equal to an A-level, and achieving your Intermediate exam awards you part of your qualification to teach.

Musical Theatre

A combination of drama and singing, to encourage confidence and performance skills. We also put on a musical production every year in the Easter holidays where all those involved in the Musical Theatre classes have the chance to be involved.

Glee Club ages 6yrs-11yrs

A fantastic way for the younger pupils to gain confidence and creativity. We learn new songs and techniques in singing, music theory, explore drama games and skills. This is combined with a street jazz section looking at current trends and how to perform in dance.

Musical Theatre Senior 12yrs+

A class packed full of exercises and experiences to act, sing and perform. We teach our pupils the basics of singing and acting techniques when performing on stage. They have the chance to use their own creativity, step up as a leader of a project or audition for a main part in our year productions. An exciting and welcoming class.

Adult Classes

We offer two adult classes, one in Ballet and the other in Tap. You will learn the basics of each dance style while keeping fit and above all having fun!

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